Hey, hay fever, go away…

As we have welcomed a few days of better weather this week there are those who dread the summer season as they start to suffer from the effects hay fever. It is caused by breathing in pollen particles and by pollen getting into the eyes. Symptoms are due to the immune system reacting to the pollen which causes inflammation in the nose and eyes with the sinuses and throat sometimes being affected too.

Why not see if you can ditch the decongestant / antihistamine tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays by trying a daily juice ‘shot’ using just 2 natural ingredients.

1/2 an apple
1-2cm chuck of ginger root (you may need to experiment a bit for your own tastebuds)

Ginger is an amazing “anti” – histamine, inflammatory, viral, biotic, septic, fungal

No need to peel either – just juice and knock it back

A great juicy tip – make up a batch of apple and ginger juice, pour into an ice cube tray and take out a couple of cubes every day.

If you give this a go please let me know the effect it has for you.

Happy juicing…