I’m sure you all saw the budget headlines last week where the chancellor announced that there will be a tax on sugary drinks. I won’t cast a political view but as my mission is to spread the word about feeding our bodies well for health and wellbeing then anything that will help in getting the nation healthier is a good thing in my book.

I thought this week it would be good to look at a few facts about eating too much simple sugar (that white refined stuff)

  • It has no nutritional value – NO vitamins, minerals, essential fats or fibre
  • It causes inflammation in the body
  • It causes blood sugar to spike and plummet which can lead to mood swings, fatigue and headaches
  • It can cause diabetes
  • If its not used up immediately it is stored as FAT

And what if you give it up?

  • You might have more energy
  • Your weight might stabilise
  • You’ll probably stop wanting it
  • Your insides should perform better
  • Take a look in the mirror – does your skin feel healthier?

Why not work out how much simple sugar you eat a week – if you think it’s too much have a think about how you can reduce your intake.

It would be great to hear from anyone who does decide to reduce or eliminate their simple sugar intake. What results did you see?

If you feel you need a sugar hit why not try a freshly squeezed apple or carrot juice instead?