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I asked Wendy to help me to kick start my weight loss and also to replace important vitamins and minerals I currently lack due to various medications I need to take for a pre-existing condition. She carefully went through with me what I need to do in order to boost my vitamin and mineral intake, and chose a 3 day detox that would help me lose weight but primarily ‘cleanse’ my system. I found just drinking juices challenging as I am a large man, but I was pleased to complete it and lost 5 pounds in the process, which was very encouraging! Wendy was knowledgable about the different benefits of various specific fruits and veg and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.


I explained to Wendy that my main aim was not to lose weight, but to detox my body and feel re-energised, so she recommended a 3 day detox and explained the benefits of the fruit and veg she would be using in my juices. She provided me with 3 days worth of juices which I drank at various times throughout each day. Each juice was tasty and enjoyable to drink, and surprisingly I did not feel hungry! At the end of the detox I felt cleansed and proud that I had given my body a break, so psychologically I felt better too. My plan now is to incorporate 1 juice a day into my daily routine, using carefully selected ingredients from Wendy's recommendations.

Potters Bar

I met with Wendy to discuss my current diet, health conditions and what I would like to achieve from juicing. My main objective was to help an ongoing problem with my bowels and I was willing to try anything, having had no success with many over the counter and GP prescribed remedies.

If I am honest I didn’t expect it to make any difference to my symptoms but after a few weeks of having juices 4 times a week I can definitely say that my bowel movements are more regular and I experience less discomfort.

I am so pleased with the results.


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