What is Juice Therapy?

What is Juice Therapy?

Natural Juice Therapy (NJT) has been around in one guise or another for many centuries. It has been used by some of the world’s most renowned leaders in nutritional therapy for use in the prevention and treatment of disease.

NJT uses the unique blend of healing properties found within the natural juices of fruits and vegetables to aid the body to optimum health. Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices furnish the body with the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, anti-oxidants and enzymes.

What may juicing help with?

The nutritional benefits of juicing are well documented. There is a tremendous amount of evidence supporting the use of Natural Juice Therapy for the treatment of virtually all common ailments, as well as more serious health conditions. At its most fundamental, the pure liquid contained within every fruit and vegetable designed for human consumption, was designed by nature to both feed and heal the body.

Why not just eat fruits and vegetables?

a) Because for some reason the vast majority of us just don’t!

b) Because the vast majority of peoples digestion system is so sluggish and over burdened with toxicity that we cannot fully extract and utilise all the goodness from the foods we eat.

When you extract the fresh juices from the fruit and vegetables and drink them, the fresh nutrients are more ‘bioavailable’ to your cells. 95% of all the nutrients are retained in the juice.

Toxicity and Deficiency

I believe in disease is caused by either ‘Toxicity’ and/or ‘Deficiency’. Remove the incoming toxicity (junk food; heavily processed foods; cigarettes; alcohol; external pollutants; artificial substances; etc) and replace any nutrient deficiency with the aid of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices; pure whole foods; clean water; etc, and the vast majority of dis-ease may improve dramatically.

As an Independent Natural Juice Therapist I will address your personal ‘deficiency vs. toxicity’ and will recommend the use of natural juicing to readdress the balance to achieve optimum health and vibrancy.

Is Natural Juice Therapy right for you?

Quite probably. Natural Juice Therapy has helped millions of people around the world with a number of health conditions.

From high blood pressure to gout; skin conditions to heart conditions; lethargy to weight problems. You name it and Natural Juice Therapy has at some stage been used to help treat it.

As an Independent Natural Juice Therapist I will not diagnose or claim to cure, but will simply present the information and scientific research to support the knowledge that freshly extracted juicing can be extremely beneficial in the treatment of almost every common aliment.

To see if Natural Juice Therapy is right for you, please contact me!